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Blue Lotus Buddhist Meditation Center (BLBMC) is a small meditation community located in Florida. We offer meditations and other classes to promote inner peace and compassion for all beings.


BLBMC has the support of working monastics, originally from Sri Lanka, who are now building a  Buddhist practice on Florida’s suncoast. Based on Buddhist teachings, such as the Four Noble Truths, their teachings are methodical, logical, practical, and scientific. Meditations focus on the practice of loving kindness (metta) and mindfulness (sati).


We encourage you to look at our calendar of events to explore Buddhism from a number of disciplines and facilitators. Take the approach that makes sense to you. Because we are currently “homeless,” we also rely on several venues for our gatherings. Most events are available online. We welcome both those who are new to the practice and those who have experience with meditation.


We invite you to join our sangha activities to learn and grow with us.

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