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Resident Monk of Blue Lotus Serenity Buddhist Temple

Bhante Gnanissara (Samitha) was born in Sri Lanka in a small village called Kukulpane. He is the youngest of his seven siblings. Just like all the other monks, Bhante Samitha dreamed becoming a monk when he was a kid. He always had the discipline and a mindset for a monastic lifestyle. He grew up with Bhante Chan at the same monastery under the supervision of their loving teacher.

After his initial monastic studies, he continued his higher education at the University of Peradeniya. At very young age he was invited by his teacher to join his Dhamma journey in Singapore. His teacher realized as a young monk Bhante Samitha is a very responsible student that takes his duties and monk life seriously. After few years of travels in Asia, Bhante Samitha had an opportunity to come to USA. When he first came he lived in Michigan at the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara about one year, under the guidance of Most Venerable Bhante Muditha. Then he became a resident monk at the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple in Woodstock, Illinois. 


Bhante Samitha worked hard as a resident monastic at the temple under the supervision of Most Venerable Bhante Sujatha for a few years. There he conducted meditation groups, Dhamma discussions, gave Dhamma talks, and supported other monastics to build the sangha (community). Then he moved to Florida.  In FLorida, Samitha is assisting with establishing a new center.  

“His understanding of Buddhist teachings are a real asset to us,” said Bhante Chan.

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